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New Ballpoint Pen With Conductive Ink Allows You To “Write” Electronic Circuits

Electronics hobbyists of all ages can now test prototypes and learn firsthand about circuitry using the latest breakthrough invention – Circuit Scribe.

Resembling a usual, unassuming ball-point pen, Circuit Scribe is loaded with a silver, conductive ink that literally allows a user to “draw” a circuit line and orchestrate a fully-functioning electronic system with just the addition of a coin battery and a LED or a buzzer. The ink disposes smoothly and writing is free of goop, squeezing or smell. The water-based ink even dries immediately. Circuit Scribe allows you to create electronic systems in notebooks, papers and the like.

With convenience on top of the priority list, this electronic “pen” eliminates the need for the annoying breadboard, complicated wires and soldering. As what their Kick starter campaign says, “We wanted to make it easier for Makers to Make.”

But this ingenious innovation doesn’t end in just buzzers and LED lights. With practice and training, one can even create systems to interface with Arduino, Makey Makey and many other electronic platforms that might require elaborate and complex designs. It can even power photo sensors and potentiometers. That means, with just a device as simple as a ballpoint pen, one can make a switch or even a fully functioning touchpad.

Circuit Scribe is literally built for people of all ages. With the convenience and usability it offers, one can simply try out a circuit invention, cut it out and collate it in a single, personal collection. In fact, creators behind this invention aims to make circuitry available to as many people as possible.

Circuit Scribe has gained popularity over time. Close to a week after it launched its Kickstarter campaign, they have already been funded with their initial funding goal of $85,000 and even reached its $250,000 stretch goal. The minds behind this invention is Electroinks Incorporated who were once the research arm of University of Illinois. With the amount raised, they are looking forward to mass production and get the Circuit Scribe in the hands of as many enthusiasts as possible. They are also envisioning the creation of a STEM Education platform that banks on project-based learning for kids.

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