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Kpop – Funnyman Noh Hong Chul dishes out on “success”

For many of his Korean fans and even followers from all over the world, comedian Noh Hong Chul is simply a man who can tickle our funny bones. But, recently, this light-hearted comedian proved that he still has something more to say about life than just making people laugh.

What does it take to become successful in life? This was the question that the comedian tried to answer. He said, “The biggest thing in my life is ‘fun’.” This was during one of his enlivened talks with his fans. He even continued that when he was much younger, not many people believed in him.

But despite that, he admitted that whenever he reminisces about his past, he realizes that he is, after all, happy. It was a simple formula. He shared, “If I did something that I really wanted and loved, life would pay me back in kind.”

It was a beautiful insight on how can love for work transform its very essence. For Noh Hong Chul, it is his love for talking that has brought him to where he is now. He knew that he loves talking and that he had a great personality so he used that to make a living. Today, he does what he loves so he is deeply happy.

Towards the end, he gave a short but insightful message to his audience. He started by saying that one must continue to push forward even if his/her value differ from another. Because there will come a time when

“you’ll come upon a place where work and play blends together.” And he ended by saying, “You should all live doing what is fun for you.”

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