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How To Shape The Perfect Eye Brows

Here is the first article in a series on Beauty, we plan on publishing at least one a month. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover.

As some may say, your eyes are the window to the soul but did you know that if your eye brows shaped
haphazardly it can directly ‘put the shutters’ down on the eyes? Lucky for us, we can shape the perfect
eye brows we wanted to enhance our eyes in a good way. Read more to find out.

Before you begin, brush your eye brows with a spooly (similar to mascara wand) brush and snip out any
longs hairs or hairs pointing downward with brow scissors. Once done, you can begin tweezing to shape
the eye brows.

Locating starting and ending points

Align the tweezer vertically alongside with your nose, with the open end at the bottom. As you will see,
the tip of the tweezer marks where your eye brow should begin horizontally (while keeping in mind your
eye brow should be an inch above your eye’s inner corner). With an eye pencil, draw a vertical line to
mark the point. Pluck out any hairs that falls out of the line you’ve just made.

Again align your tweezer with open end at the bottom of your nose and the other at the outer corner of
your eye. Where the tweezer intersects with your eye brows marks the end. Again mark it with eye
pencil and pluck any stray hairs outside the line.

Determining eye brow thickness

Begin just below the fullest part of your eye brow, use the eye pencil and draw a line along the bottom
edge which should be above the stray hairs and following the eye brow’s natural shape. Keep in mind to
make the thickness about quarter inch minimum and half inch at maximum. Pluck any stray hairs that
falls outside the line.

Shaping your eye brow’s arch

Look straight into the mirror (while holding your eye pencil) and locate the spot on your eye brows above
and align it with the outer rim of your iris – that is where your eyebrow should arch. From the line you’ve
drawn from previous step; trace it onto the point, creating a shape like an upside-down check mark, and
finish by shaping the tail, right onto where it should end. Make the whole line with soft angle to create a
natural looking eye brow.

There you have it, few simple steps that you need to remember to produce the most natural eye brows
that flatters your features. A few practices may be needed but in future you can shape your eye brows
with a breeze.

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