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What to bring during GE13?

Two more day to 5 May! What to bring during GE13? There are some important document you need to bring along like your identity card and your polish-free fingertip to cast a valid vote

1. Umbrella

Don’t because of raining you give up to go to the polling centre. Also umbrella is useful to have a shade.

2. Mineral water

You expects to see a good government, so for sure you don’t be ignorance to your body. Drink enough of water!

3. Fordable / Mini plastic chair

For elders who can’t hold standing for long, have a seat in your queue is a good idea.

4. Mini fan

mini fan

We need to form a government. Nno shortcut and all of us might need some scarify, so never expect short queue! Bring a mini fan to cool up :)   

Chart of polling process of GE13 for you :

ge13 voting process

^ Click to have larger image

* Remember don’t Instagram in the polling centre ya! What to bring during GE13? anything we missed?

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