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Install Google plus comment plugin in Blogger

How to Install Google plus comment plugin in Blogger

Slick and awesome! That’s my first impression on Google plus comment plugin. For now it’s available for blogs that’s hosted in Blogger. It surely will boost the conversation of your blog, and this is the main attract of the new launched Google plus comment plugin (or u prefer I to call it comment system?).

Disqus, intense debate, Facebook comment plugin is 3rd party add-on, hence they require new account set up; unlike this upgrade by Google, bloggers now can comment anyway! Even wordpress hosted blogger log in gmail doesn’t they??

Install Google plus comment plugin in Blogger

Google plus comment plugin in Blogger

Method 1 : Go to Google+ tab in Blogger Dashboard

Method 2 : For custom blogger template

  • Go to Template > Edit HTML
  • find <b:includable id='comment-form' var='post'>
  • Click on the tickbox to expand the widget code
  • Add following code as next line
    <div class='cmt_iframe_holder' expr:data-href='data:post.canonicalUrl' expr:data-viewtype='data:post.viewType'/>
  • save the Template

Drawbacks :

1. Only Google+ user can comments.

2. Private blogs in blogger cannot use Google+ comment system.

3. Moderation need to be done on posts.

Pros :

1. Super fast loading time

2. Google+ button under every comment, which might promote your post somehow

3. Nice interface

Google plus comment plugin in Blogger, have u activated / upgraded?

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