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Side effects of protein powder in bodybuilding

Side effects of protein powder in bodybuilding?

My friend urge me to not to drink too much of protein powder (whey protein). I get his point of view, he said that simply because his meals ordinary are 3 times solid food. For me everything must not be overdose, not only what you consume, and also what you do..

why don’t you worry about side effects of your daily sugar intake? Less people are dying because of protein than the people who have been struggling with obesity problems in this country..

For gym newbie they may ask, is Protein powder legal? My answer will be.. is nasi lemak legal? is KFC and McD legal? is food legal? Chicken embody protein, and some food contain even more type of it, what is wrong with the protein? Protein shake is supplement, not steroid. (even some steroid is legal in law for competing bodybuilders)

Side effects of protein powder

1. bankruptcy

- it’s expensive for some

2. smelly bottles (shakers)

- left unwashed overnight

3. Embarrassment

- especially on the early stage of your consumption, your friend will say “I don’t take powder.. you drink protein still small”

Why I take whey protein

Because I have little appetite to swallow chicken breast, how about you? Ok if you scared of those hardcore alike protein powder you can try Amway protein.

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