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Cheapest Windows 8 in Malaysia

At least this is the best price for a genuine windows 8 upgrade that I had found in Malaysia. I write this post to thank to maxiiv for a good business deal. Customer should be always first in my opinion if you want someone to rate positive for your product or services that you are providing. My ipad mini screen fix case had caused me not to deal with certain dealer..

Do you own a genuine windows? (windows 7, vista, xp or whatever) then you can get Windows 8 PRO with just RM99. How to check whether your system is genuine or not? Go to

Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System

and check the ‘Windows Activation’ at the bottom. There should be a product ID.

The reason why I upgrade is because I plan to format my windows due to its instability and super slow startup. With i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, my laptop took 2 minutes to launch! Then I switched to Windows 8, guess what.. 8 sec!

I met Maxiiv in lowyat garage sales. After I asked him couple technical question, I decided to deal with him. I successfully downloaded the 3GB plus installation file and installed Windows 8. (I spend whole day because of my previous OS is slow and buggy).

But then I faced some problem to activate my windows, Maxiiv called me by phone and request me to plan a Teamviewer session, wow I’m impressed with this kind of way of support! My problem solved in the end, thanks!

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