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Adsense still don’t support Malay in 2013

For those who are still trying to find ways to implement Malay website with adsense, I can certainly tell you that Adsense still don’t support Malay in 2013 yet. This is the answer I got from Google support in March.

I’ve same level of confusion as you do : Why certain Malay blogs do running adsense ads?

My got a call from one of the Google specialist lately. It was for site optimization purpose as I was invited and agreed to attend the event. She’s from Singapore so we have a friendly talk. Besides than the optimization for ads placement suggestions she’d gave, I also had an opportunity to ask her why Malay blog (some) can serve adsense. I’m glad she was honest, she said she need to confirm with the support team, she gave me a link to contact them via email.

I was asked to give the particular site that I saw running adsense with Malay language, here’s how my conversation with Google goes :

adsense support email

That’s site actually been crawled as Indonesian, not Malay, that’s why the ads appeared. Make money with adsense by blogging in Malay is seem not possible yet, because I tried once (during year 2012), the cpc is too low, just same as local ad network pay rate.

Don’t try to trick Google, you won’t last more than few months I bet, I’ve saw many excitement gone, save your time if you want to cheat, best Engineers are in Google. Whitehat is the way!

Any question regard Adsense can PM me via contact, I’ll try to help you as far as I know.

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