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Accept no one is perfect

Perfectionism make us tired, make no peace to our living.

What I learn from Ben, a physiology lecturer from Harvard is that as a human being we must learn to accept ourselves, admit that we can be weak in sometime. But I don’t mean we should be an extreme optimist.

We must own a time table for us to know what are the right things to do at the right time, but it’s ok sometime we failed to follow it. Especially on developing habits, it’s a cycle of keep attempting and face failure. It’s not worth to be sad if we are not perfect, never perfect, because we are born in this way.

Sometime i feel very stress when I keep face-booking and doesn’t carry out productivity. The best way I found to deal with this circumstances firstly is to forgive myself. No point at all I’m angry on myself because that doesn’t solve my problem. I will first forgive myself, and to proof that, I allow myself to relax like play video game for while.

By knowing this, we can understand others when they make mistake. I was impressed by a boss in a book I read, the boss take no action to his desk support employee who cause the company to lose revenue. Because he know he could done the same thing in that circumstances.

Accept no one is perfect, live your life with an anew freedom!

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