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Scammed by an African, she lost a million Ringgit.

KUALA LUMPUR: A woman lost 1 million Ringgit, when duped African men claiming to be engineers, oil exploration companies on the east coast.

scam afican

Scammed by an African, she lost a million Ringgit.

Victims who want to be known as Lim, 47, had earlier met with a man who introduced himself as Kevin Axcel Brown or Joe, 48, since last September through a website looking for matchmaking.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Head Datuk Michael Chong said Lim came to know Joe is impersonating a Canadian and working in an oil exploration company.
“They are just working through the phone before Joe Lim appeal amounting to RM1 million putting money into his account because desperate need of money to manage a project company.

“Fooled by Joe, the victim put the money into three different accounts, which then identified those account owner are belong a local woman.”

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