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Internet scam Malaysia stats

The stats of Internet scam in Malaysia reported by the PDRM shows an increase from year 2009 till year 2011. The scam believed were caused by the ignorance and lack of knowledge & aware of most of the Malaysian online users.

According to police reports, from January 2011 to October 2011, a total of 1009 cases have been reported involving the sale and purchase transactions online using the facilities ‘’. All cases have involved the loss of RM 1.7 million.


The Malaysia online users should be more aware after this report was released.

Here’s are some tips to prevent online scam happen to you :

1) Pay on your own risk when make direct payment to anyone without though the protection services. (protection services are available on ebay, etc)

2) Try to shop on website with good reputation. (analyse site’s age & professionalism is important)

3) Search the reputation of seller with google to detect scam record if any.

4) Never underestimate the risk when deal 1 on 1 with stranger sellers. Get the public reviews of that seller.

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