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Malaysian Air Flight MH370 Update

It has come to light that two of the passengers on the Malaysian Airlines flight that has recently disappeared were traveling on stolen passports. Austria was the first to deny that one of its citizens was on the plane and their citizen was safe and sound. His passport had been stolen around 2 years ago, [...]

Phu Quoc Island marked on this map taken from Google Maps

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 UPDATE

Jejak Trend has just learnt that the Vietnamese Navy has confirmed that flight MH370 has crashed into the sea. Navy Admiral Ngo Van Phat, commander of the region 5, Miliaty radar recorded that the aeroplane crashed into the ocean at about 153 miles south of the island called Phu Quoc.

Malaysian Airlines Plane Missing

Breaking News A Malaysian Airlines plane with 239 people on board has disappeared while on a flight from KL to Beijing. Air Traffic Control lost contact a short while after take off. Malaysia air is currently contacting families of the passengers on board to advise of the situation, but they are also saying to expect [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 in Everyday Life

After the arrival of Samsung’s flagship phone – Samsung Galaxy S5 last February 24, 2014 in Barcelona, several who has waited for this new release wants to know not only the phone’s physical features but how these features will be applicable in daily living. If a person wants to buy a phone, what are the [...]

Oppo N1: There’s a New Smartphone In Town

Last December, Oppo Electronics released the Oppo N1, a high-end android smartphone. Most consumers are probably thinking, “We don’t really need a new smartphone to add to the ever-growing list of smartphones in the market,” but maybe we shouldn’t write off the Oppo N1 just yet. While it is true that most Android devices lack [...]

Bitcoin: The World’s First Decentralized Currency – History

With the recent Collapse in the price of Bitcoin I wanted to share a bit more about the currency, here is part 1, all about the history of Bitcoin, What it is and how you could buy it Capitalization and changing of a specific letter in lowercase will alter the meaning of the entire word. [...]

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Complete Virtual Reality Comes One Step Closer With The Glyph

An exciting announcement made in this year’s Consumer Electronic Show was Avenant’s Glyph, a virtual reality and audio headset that acts as your personal mobile theater. The Glyph is a headset that looks like a pair of normal headphones with the major difference of being able to pull the headband over your eyes transforming it [...]

ASUS Announces Their Low-Cost Smartphone Line

ASUS Announces Their Low-Cost Smartphone Line

At the Consumer Electronic Show of 2014, ASUS unveiled their new line of low-cost ZenFones. The line consists of three smartphones, the ASUS ZenFone 4, Asus ZenFone 5, and ASUS ZenFone 6 ranging from a 4-inch to 6-inch display. All three phones come equipped with Android 4.3 Jellybean, Asus’ custom Zen UI, and a dual-core [...]

br1m3 2014

The Ministry of Human Resources Work Voucher Program Targets Urban Poor of Malaysia The Ministry of Human Resources in Malaysia aims to implement is pilot work voucher program by this April. The program, named the 1Malaysia Work Voucher Scheme, is a financial assistance plan that is targeted towards the urban poor who are registered with [...]

EPL Table and Fading Light of Hope to Play in the World Cup for Tom Cleverley

EPL Table and Fading Light of Hope to Play in the World Cup for Tom Cleverley

A petition to have him banned from the World Cup on is approaching 5,000 signatures. It’s like a ticking time bomb for the United midfielder, Tom Cleverley. The petition called ‘Ban Tom Cleverley from the World Cup squad’ was commenced by Glenn McConnell, of Blackpool, claims that such performance will be a source of embarrassment for [...]