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Jewelry Store robbed by own security guard

It was an unassuming morning at work when the personnels of a local jewelry outlet started their daily routine of preparing the store for the day’s business. It was a surprise, however, when the store’s security guard – who was tasked to keep the area safe – got his pistol out and pointed the barrel into the employees.

“He wanted to have the jewelry,” says one of the employees who was stunned by the sudden and unexpected turn of events. Known to be a funny man, the security guard of the jewelry store at the KL Festival City Mall in Setapak was originally mistaken to just be joking. But it was no joke for the security guard for he wanted to get a tray of gold jewelry.

He was known to be a friendly guy so employees could not fathom how he all of a sudden pointed the pistol at them in exchange of a tray of gold jewelery. According to branch manager Robert Lourdusamy, the security guard disappeared in two minutes.

Working in the store for barely two months, the 23-year-old security guard used to identify himself as Hikman and he is, as he claims, a Sabahan. But this was believed to be fake.

The store’s manager tried to ask for the guard’s identification but he produced a quite anomalous IC which is much thinner compared to regular identifications.

As of the moment, City deputy CID chief Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa is trying to investigate if the pistol used by the suspect is owned by the security firm he is working under or privately owned. The firm expressed that the hired guard was a Sabahan but refused to comment further.

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