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Samsung F Series,

A breakthrough in handheld technology: Samsung “Premium F” Series on the works

The visionaries behind Samsung are about to push the envelope of smartphone technology even further with their soon-to-be breakthrough, the “Premium F Series”. Reports from Korean media reveal that these super-premium handhelds are currently being conceptualized and engineered under this leading smartphone company.

Picture this: a smartphone with high-quality resolution wrapped in smooth and shiny, metal chassis that would look as sleek as its aluminum-housed competitors like iPhone and HTC One. This combination of advanced resolution and software and premium hardware would definitely be enticing among the gadget savvy out there.


Though reports have not yet confirmed the actual and final specifications and features of this exciting development, many say that Samsung has integrated all its current handheld features plus the innovative technological developments and breakthroughs the company has been brewing for the past few years. According to reports, this new phone will feature highly-advanced 64-bit octa-core Exynos processors matched with a whooping 4GB of RAM.

Display of Premium F series will also not disappoint as it will possibly feature a QHD, WQXG and a high-resolution, probably 16MP, camera with a photo-friendly optical image stabilization feature. The phone’s beautiful casing will not only be made of smooth, glossy and sturdy aluminum but also sport the latest Youm technology: an innovative brand of flexible display technology that is both unbreakable and malleable. Premium F phones will also be made in handy sizes reportedly at 5.5 inches for starters and 4.5 inches at the bottom.


Due to limited reports on this current development, no exact price range has been released although many gadget enthusiasts shared that the high quality will also demand for a considerably pricey tag.

However, reports say that these phones will go alongside Galaxy S range so we might expect the possibility of having Samsung F4, F5 series. Well, with the way things are going in this market leader in smartphones innovations, we never know the surprises in stored for us.

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