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Samsung Galaxy Gear –

Samsung Galaxy Gear Released

Released in Malaysia Date To Be Determined

With the excited buzz that flows around the internet the Samsung Galaxy Gear details have been released. But at this stage there are no specifics on which countries will be receiving stock and when. There is a rumour that some countries will receive stock on the 25th of September. Stay tuned for updates

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price

The advertised price of the galaxy gear in America is going to be US$299.00 which equates to roughly RM1000. This is at the low end for a phone, but the high end for a watch. What is this device though, a watch or a phone. The specs tell more of a story

Samsung Galaxy Gear Specifications and features

The Gear has an 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory storage, a (low quality) 1.9-megapixel camera with auto focus, all hidden underneath a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED (320×320 pixel) screen. The camera is also able to capture video up to 720. An interesting feature is the speaker is built into the clasp. There were rumors that the screen was going to be flexible, but with the actual release these rumors have proven to be false. The screen and software have swipe features and tap features that you can customize.

The battery life is stated to be a day. The charging for the battery is not done through a port directly into the phone but through an additional case that folds around the outside of the gear with small pins that align to the charging pins on the phone – called pogo pins.

In keeping with the spy nature of this new phone the Samsung Galaxy Gear also has a great emergency feature. When you press the power button three times continuously, your location will be sent to a saved contact with a message. You just have to be careful you don’t accidentally bump the button or play with it.

At release date it is expected that the Gear will come in 6 colours – jet black, oatmeal beige, rose gold (with a beige band), wild orange, mocha gray, and lime green. Interesting names for an interesting phone

The phone can make and receive calls but can also link through a blue tooth connection to a full sized phone. At this stage the only phone that it is compatible with is the Galaxy Note 3 which is also released soon. Samsung have advised they are working on software upgrades to be able to link to other devises but there is no release date for these yet.

The phone is also useful for those sports nuts as it has a built in pedometer. At release date there will be limited apps available for use on the phone and this is expected to be around 70. This number is expected to grow quickly though. There are also the other normal features you see and expect on a phone or watch including stop watch and the weather.

Competition to the Gear

At present you can purchase a pebble watch online. The cost at the moment for the pebble watch is around US$150. But the features of the pebble are lacking as with most first generation devices.

There is also the Iwatch to be released soon, details of this devise to follow when Apple release it

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