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IT FYP (Final Year Project) tips Malaysia

I set the title to be ‘IT FYP (Final Year Project) tips Malaysia because grads of IT bachelor from certain county does not need to develop their final year project aka major project. I got to know a friend who is from India, currently studying Software Engineering. He merely need to do internship for 6 months and participate in a company project, then he’s consider graduated.

..Google is our friend, but how to get started with it? IT grads usually will have difficulties especially in the technical part (programming). Here are few thing I like to share with you all.

IT FYP Tips Malaysia

1. Your idea may not be ‘so unique’ : If you’re a geek, you probably never dare to say your idea is the latest thought and it could change the world upon the completion of your project. The reality is many ideas already been turn into existing application. Before you start anything, try to Google your idea with various similar phrases, you may find something similar especially in open source platform. If you are doing app, look into Google play and apple store, and use filter to retrieve the result, you shall see your so call ‘world-changing’ idea is there since long.

2. Solving technical problem (programming) : What to do when you’re stucked? Forum? No time to wait the members to reply.. is the best Q&A site for developers. Some time I get what I want within 5 minutes. (of course you don’t expect spoon feed of source code). However this is not the place for complete noob. You still have to have some foundation because general question is unpleasant to asked. I got many account banned because I did not ask specified question. My advice is try to create multiple yahoo accounts, and use them to log in.

3. Source code digging : If you are doing web app, you no need to write the register and login code from scratch. It’s up to you where you want to find the code. You can download from open source script. Or you want to understand how the code work, just go to youtube and search ‘register and login php’. You can get the complex system and extract their module to study too.

4. CSS framework : Your bigger picture is get the core function / feature done and present it. Bootstrap or jquery ui is best for those who can’t design. It save a lots of time yet promise an excellent outcome for the UI of your application. There are several more framework you can use. They are worth to delve into.

Final words : You don’t blame you’re not getting enough knowledge / skill from your uni / lecturers. IT is too much to be covered. Pick your own preferred programming language and be a self-taught geek. It’s a tough task for everyone, that’s why it’s call major project or final year project. Good luck to all IT grads. Never give up!

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