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Perhimpunan 8 Mei bersama Anwar Ibrahim

Perhimpunan 8 Mei bersama Anwar Ibrahim, are you going?

Many claim 5 May is the darkest day in the history of Malaysia. On 6 May, we all know in Facebook many were changing their profile picture into black. How about 8 Mei in Stadium Kelana Jaya with Anwar tomorrow? Let’s see what he wants to say. Keep clam and don’t act childish guys, even Anwar don’t swear using Facebook status, we must use the right channel!

> Rumour and racist issue

Facebook is full of rumours! Some page share fake info and urges, for example urge Obama to insist in Malaysia chaos, ridiculous. Please filter and be a smart netizens.. and don’t be racist of course.. We need to be united to bring this country to go forward! Hold your anger to preserve harmony condition of this country, don’t waste time on those who are extreme.

Perhimpunan 8 Mei bersama Anwar Ibrahim

perhimpunan 8 mei

> regard blackout issue

says TNB :

“Berdasarkan maklum balas pasukan tunggu sedia TNB, kami mendapati semua pusat pengiraan undi tidak mengalami sebarang gangguan bekalan elektrik semasa proses pengiraan undi berlangsung.

“Kami memohon kerjasama semua pihak agar menghentikan dakwaan tersebut”

In facebook event, over 20,000 is going for this assembly (also known as Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat).. so if you are going please mind on your safety, learn from the lesson of 13 May. Be wise and no racist!

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