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Live streaming Stadium Kelana Jaya with Anwar

Although BN had won in the PRU13, but tonight we can still see the crowd assembly in Stadium Kelana Jaya, in a program Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat.

The main speaker will be Anwar Ibrahim. The speech expected to start at 8 pm.

Although the sky began to rain, but a large number of people can be seen. They gathered and dressed in black adhering  into the stadium of MBPJ, Kelana jaya..

Live streaming Stadium Kelana Jaya with Anwar


I’m using unifi 5mbps, but I still got lag, oh no.. out there must be too much of people watching this!

new channel founded! much better:

at 8:15 pm, the stadium of Kelana Jaya almost filled :

stadium kelana jaya 8 mei

Stadium Kelana Jaya with Anwar

We shall update highlight shot, share this live streaming and stay tune!

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