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How to NOT to be lazy

You want to do this, this and this but you don’t feel able to carry on, why? We prefer a comfortable bed, that’s basically laziness..

Laziness is a habit. There is no quick fix for any habits as we know. Instead of expecting a motivated day, we should focus on the ‘inner rules’ for long term benefits.

Tips on How to NOT to be lazy

1. Find what you really want

Go to the corner of your lighted-off room, seek your inner saying in tranquillity, ask yourself what you really want in life. This is a pre-step to create your goal.

2. Set a goal

Build a short term progress for it and stay motivated. Care and protect the level of your motivation.

3. Find things urgent

Imagine how terrible would the consequences be for things that are urgent. However use positive excuses to push yourself. Negative excuses will make you feel no joy doing your tasks.

4. Delve more

Interest can be build. But before we passionate with something, we first must to have afford to explore it. Let the thing you love be rooted into your whole being.

5. Reward yourself

We are human being that need a rest, or better – a gift. Rewards trigger our motivation for the next session of hard work. Reward can be many kind. I give myself a relax on a beautiful beach on the weekends.

How to NOT to be lazy? It’s so easy to fall back into our old patterns. This require overcome, self-awareness and practice.

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