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PRU13 will be held within few weeks more

PRU13 will be held within few weeks more?

31 March 2013 : In a Barisan 1Malaysia assembly in KL, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said he expects Prime Minister will not wait until the date where the parliament dissolve automatically.

The dissolution of parliament is on 29th of April because 28th of April is Sunday according to SPR.

“I do not think the Prime Minister will wait until the five years and the dissolution of the Parliament., the election will be held within few weeks of April ” He speaks to about 3000 audience on that day.

He also slammed PKR as they were conducting campaigns that misleads the people to reject Umno simply because Umno had in power for long.

“Kerajaan ini makin tua makin bertenaga tuan-tuan, lagi tua lagi ada stail, betul tak tuan-tuan?” said Muhyiddin

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