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Steve Wozniak open letter for students

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak was a computer geek and genius hacker shared his suggestions to the students in a school in Korea.

Steve Wozniak open letter for students

He said when he look back his life as a student in college, there were many sweet memories. He said that kind of happiness is what he appreciates most in life. He rather to be a normal guy than a workaholic. He said he had seen many people because of fame and the irresistible value of money , they were corrupted and became unethical.

In addition, he needless to convince others that his opinion is good, it’s enough his opinion simply for his own.

He was in high school, accidentally he learned how to design a computer. He love it and do that all the time by self-taught.

Steve said if you do not have a technical background, you should listen to the experienced generation. The world needs all kinds of people to work hard and make the world progress, so everyone does not need to be a computer engineer. We need mathematicians, scientists, archaeologists, writers as well.

All the best

Steve Wozniak

- Steve Wozniak

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