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Buy hard disk using BB1M 2013

Can you buy hard disk using BB1M 2013? The answer is Yes and No. Unlike previous year, which we are free to buy any things included electronic gadgets.

This time most of of the major bookstores has applied the new regulation for 1Malaysia book vouchers usage, which they limit your expenses on stationaries. You can use 80% of BB1M to get books and 20% for stationaries.

Look at the table below. It shows what are the different of benefits you can get of spending your BB1M at Popular, Borders and MPH.

bb1m 2013

MPH also have the ‘80% & 20%’ rule, as well as Kinokuniya. For your extra information, MPH online accept BB1M for certain selected areas.

If you want to purchase a hard disk ordinarily you have to add some of your own cashes. But there are still loophole out there, what you need to do is delve into those who got a hard disk using their BB1M.

How the 80% for books and 20% for stationaries rule work?

Like you spend 2 of your voucher (RM100), you can only have RM20 for pen, exam pad etc.. If you took RM30 of stationaries, you will have to pay RM10 cash.

My suggestion is you better spend it all at once.. like in popular, you spend RM250 (RM200 for books and RM50 stationaries), you can get another free voucher from them, which worth RM50. So with the new voucher, another extra RM40 for book and RM10 for pen etc..

My tip : Look for books that has special offer, like buy 2 get 50% off. Some tiny books can cost up to RM50, which I think it’s not so worth.. (why? try google, who know the pdf is there on the first page, especially the big name books)

Anyone can share your exp where you buy your hard disk using BB1M 2013?

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