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Work hard and grab the opportunity

Never die series : Work hard and grab the opportunity

Opportunity and luck is different. You found one hundred dollar at the street, that’s call luck. In life, we have good and bad luck. When the time our good luck come, we accept it with joy. But when all of our luck gone, when it will appear again? So to succeed, we need no fully depend on luck. It’s risky we give ourselves to luck, gambler is the best example.

Many of us mixed luck and opportunity. So we often will heard many are whining of no chances for this and that.


To grab the chances, we need courage, sometime it isn’t about how much knowledge and skill we had. If you like a girl and never tell her, you will miss a no return opportunity after she’s gone.

Life require us to endeavour especially while we are young. We need to work hard to increase our capability, knowledge and social skills. In the same time we attempt to grab every opportunities available without fear. Don’t quit if you fail, keep going and gain experience, because even the world fastest creature in this earth, in 10 attempts of chasing the prey, they only succeed 1-2.


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