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Why the poor shouldn’t envy the rich

Why the poor shouldn’t envy the rich

I have come to not envy for other’s prosperity, because they deserve for some reasons. Even if their wealth is effortless and it’s from the family, I think no one have right to deny what they are having. This is an attitude I’m having right now.

I don’t judge anyone who afford luxury stuff. That’s their choices, and they have right to spend the money. Like son of Bill Gate, once gave away  tip to a waiter, for about 3k USD, yet no one have the right to claim his actions either is right or wrong. Because his bank account isn’t like yours.

Why the poor shouldn’t envy the rich : because the rich aren’t same like the poor

Most of the poor will think evil on the rich, this is a common fact. They envy the rich because they are spending too much on things like entertainment, food and house etc.. But the poor hardly to realise that the ratio of the riches’ spending actually is not that exaggerate.

For instance, someone who is earning 10 thousand a month and spending 2 thousand for his car every month is said to be ungrateful. But the poor never realise that he might spend more than that guy, for example a guy who earn only 1k a month bought a car with 300-400 hundred monthly loan.. The poor doesn’t see the ratio, they see the amount, they judge themselves instead.

The envois of the poor is so blind. We deserve what we have put effort on, isn’t it?

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