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Price controlled items during Chinese New Year 2013

This price control scheme would be enforced starting 19 Jan to 30 Feb to prevent any unethical traders to bump the goods price during the Chinese New Year 2013.

There are 13 items where mainly are our major food sources.

Live chicken : RM5.90 per kg

Standard chicken RM7 per kg

Super chicken RM7.80 per kg 

Grade A chicken egg 36 sen

Grade B chicken egg 35 sen

Grade C chicken egg 34

The price of other items are round cabbage from Indonesia and China, excluding Beijing cabbage (RM3.50/kg), garlic from China (RM5/kg), white pomfret (RM38/kg), white shrimp (RM35/kg), live pig (only at farm level), pig intestine (RM20/kg), and pork and lard (RM15/kg).

However for Sarawak & Sabah, the price would be higher, about 10 cent than West Malaysia.

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that It is compulsory for all traders to use the pink price tag to show to the public that which item is under price control scheme.

If you find any fraud within this period, you can file a complaint by calling toll free line 1-800-886-800 or SMS 15888 by typing “KPDNKK ADUAN <complaint particulars>”

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