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Melaka : Aircraft crashed into condominium

7 Jan 2013 Melaka – An small-sized aircraft drove by a trainee from Malaysia Flight Academy crashed into the area of Cheng Heights condominium, at around 12 noon.

Fortunately the aircraft didn’t hit the housing area and the high way, it crashed on the hill side of the condominium, no public injuries reported.

The trainee pilot P Devenis Roa, 20, was successfully extracted from the Piper 28 aircraft. A preliminary understanding of the pilot only had injury at hands and being send to Malacca Hospital for treatment.

Melaka aircraft crashed

Melaka aircraft crashed

Malaysian Flying Academy Dean Steven Terry rushed to the scene to understand the situation. The cause of this incident however has not yet be known.

This rare accident has aroused the road user’s curiosity, few police officers were sent to maintain the traffic order, to avoid unnecessary road accidents.

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