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Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat 2013 for GE13

Just now in the morning Pakatan Rakyat has launched their manifesto 2013 for the coming GE13.

This coming election was said to be the most competitive between BN (Barisan Nasional) and the opposites parties.

What the people care most about surely is how Pakatan Rakyat in their manifesto can bring direct benefits.

Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat 2013

Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat 2013

You can download the full version, including the BM version below :


We highlighted the 14th most interesting promises :

- Oil prices go down
- Lower electricity charges
- Lower water charges
- No toll
- No monopoly
- Lower the price of the car
- 150,000 affordable homes
- Housing Corporation country: first year investment of RM5 billion and RM2 billion a year after that to build affordable homes comfortable.
- Free education for all, No PTPTN
- Remove the AES.
- Justice for senior Felda
- Increase the employment of police to tackle crimes
- Free hospital services (classes 1 and 3) in all government hospitals
- Aid of  Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat will be raised to RM550 a month.

Manifesto Pakatan Rakyat 2013 sound really good! Let’s discuss..

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