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Semak Keputusan SPM 2012

Keputusan SPM 2012 will be available on 21 March 2013. SPM candidates of year 2012 can collect their result at school at 10 am.

So far for this year we have not received any information regard whether the result can be check through any website or not. However, in the the past few years many had complained on the online checking system was hard to access during peak hour, we recommend SPM candidates to check by using SMS.

Semak Keputusan SPM 2012 SMS

spm 2012 result

Example : SPM 940104038776 BC0001A044 and send to 15888

The new rate of mySMS has been updated, that’s only RM0.35, cheaper compare to previous years which cost RM0.50 each.

Kindly reminder : DO NOT send multiple query, during peak hour it may took slightly longer for the server to respond.

Method to Check online :

1) Visit to
2) Key in your IC nombor
3) Tick the box of ‘Sekolah Menengah’
4) Click ‘Semak Laporan’

We also want to share good place to get expert advice online after SPM. Visit lowyat forum’s education column, there were up-to-date pinned posts that gathered various options of pathway and information for you to choose course, college or university.

Feel free to share this entry, Keputusan SPM 2012 to your friends.. and share your result on the comment box if you dare :P

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