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Alert : Facebook Look Here virus

Facebook Look Here virus

There’s always new ways of spamming on Facebook, some guys are really smart. Base on my experience their motive is profits. I’ve witnessed many of these spam and con cases, not excluding me myself as one of their victim. I still remember my Facebook page was hacked, yet the page is active to make profits.

Lately there’s a strange viral link on Facebook. I don’t get the logic much by the spammer but I’m certain to tell you that it’s not worthwhile for you to click on that suspicious link. Maybe we named it as Facebook Look Here virus, which is easier to make you understand that something is fishy is going on..

Facebook Look Here virus

It randomly tagged few of your best friends, and some time the post even gained few ‘like’ from some unknowns.

facebook look here virus

I tried click on it with my abundance account. The next day a guy who was newly joined Facebook confirmed to be friend of mine. Wow.. Joined Facebook on 15 of February, added me as friend on 16 of February, without my confirmation!

if there are 1 more unknown account added me, my account might at high risk. Because one of the feature on Facebook allows you to recovery your password by requesting of 2 friends’ recognition if you forgot your login password. Although with 2 of fake account of friends sound impossible still to steal your password, but their next step will fish your email account.

Anyhow, please be responsible if you are the one who unintentionally spread this stuff, remove it or at least tell your friends not to click on it. For those who’ve clicked, check your friends, remove newly added stranger. Anyone who experienced account lost cause by this Facebook Look Here virus feel free to share with us, make a comment below.

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