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Successful people have one same thing

Successful people have one same thing. What is that then? They are not mediocre.

Before that, how you define success? For me, it’s a kind of lifestyle that achieved balance in every aspect – relationship, finance, spiritual and career. You are not so successful when you are rejected by a girl because you are fat, correct? Unless you are extreme optimistic, if so you might thought of you are the most successful person in this world because you are unique.

How to be successful? When I’ve been ask about this, what’s in my mind is successful quotes that I’ve read. Too much to discuss, I rather share what I enjoy recently, a quote by Michelle Obama :

“Its not about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”

If you can make a different, you will have no worry on money isn’t? Just like Robert Kiyosaki’s saying :

How to be rich? Be willing to serve as much as people

You might think you are not the one who can reach this stage. Be top of the world? I’m not Michael Jordan.. and so and so..

I don’t really desire to be like Bill Gate, owning the world top company, making billions.. ; It’s enough if I would achieve the life that I want. It wouldn’t be an easy journey, it required me to sail against the mainstream, because even I own a bachelor degree, I’m still a modern salves.

In one word – be different then be excellent. Someone own a bigger company because he know more than you (at least on how to grow an enterprise isn’t it?), someone score better in the exam because he’s hard working perhaps?, your friend can play better basketball, isn’t he spend more time on it compare to you?

When come to the topic of be different, it’s another huge topic. I just want to end my post by sharing this quote :

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Pick one thing that you like, build passion on it, make it as habit, after day and day you are becoming more unique in this earth.

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