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Scratch & win scams 2013 reappear

Scratch & win scams reappear in 2013 with a freshly style and methods. Their con man even wear uniform and distributing seem legit vouchers.

Just want to remind you all don’t simply trust any ‘durian runtuh’ programme, either offer from individual, group or so call company. Their spot usually will be at KTM , bus stop and airport. In Jan of 2013, some saw them at Tasik Selatan & Imbi with formal cladding.

Things can be make up, not exclude the company logo, t-shirts, testimonials etc.. We’d witnessed many victim reported being scammed in these scratch and win scam. The best way to not get into this disaster is to avoid them totally, regardless what and how they approach you.

Scratch & win scams 2013

Scratch & win scams in Malaysia is no longer a new thing, but con man keep their hunt on the novices.

It’s very difficult to trace and get back your money once you’re trapped. According to our observation and sharing from past victims, most of them didn’t get their money back, even though they had took legal actions like lodge the police report and went to court.

The common solution is to file a report to mahkamah pengguna, with RM10 registration fee. However your energy might wasted because these con man know the rules and play better than you. Prepare your fuel cost / taxi cost and your time at tribunal court.

Complaint can be made online, and payment can be made online too, register via eTTPM online.

If you was scammed, our advise is to take it as a lesson. Many victims did strived but these con man is experienced scammers, we have seen a lots of victims failed to track them.

Scratch & win scams 2013 reappear! Watch out guys!

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