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It’s time for Pilihanraya Umum 2013

It is soon going to be election time yet again in Malaysia. Over 1 million youngsters are getting
ready to caste in their vote in the pilihanraya umum 2013 Malaysia.

The Malaysians were eagerly
awaiting the answer to the question, as to ‘When is pilihanraya umum 13?’ The 2013 elections
will be held latest by the month of June, if the official sources are to be believed. While the
air is rife with various speculations, the citizens find it hard to digest the decision of the Prime
Minister to hold snap elections. The decision to hold arbitrary elections comes at the back of an
effort of the Prime Minister to not upset the Malay majority.

This is important, as it is necessary
for Razak to keep the majority in good humor for there have been of late growing resentment
from the people of Malaysia. This resentment owes its genesis back in the time when Razak was
elected through a special transition in the year 2008 that witnessed a ‘no contest’ rule from any
level of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) party.

Hearing about the snap elections, the main opposition, namely the Islamic has focused all its
energy to its election strategies. Coming to the other opposition party, that of Anwar’s, things
look a little bleak for the party as the party seems too busy solving its own internal squabbles.
The incumbent part is currently going through a rough patch as it is facing a lot of flak from all
directions over various charges. These charges range from misgoverning to misappropriation
of funds by the party. The people are hopeful that the pilihanraya umum 13 results bring in a
government that is not as apathetic as the present one. Apparently, the UMNO has also charged
for turning a Nelson’s eye to some issues that are awaiting their due share of attention. These
issues include police brutality, corruption and weak economic fundamentals to name a few.

If there is one thing that Razak and his counterparts from the opposition in the state governments
see eye to eye on, then that is early pilihanraya umum 2013 Malaysia.

The state governments are
eager for early polls as well as this gives an opportunity to liberate the earlier trapped resources
for funding the federal elections. As far as the pilihanraya umum 13 results go, in case UMNO
emerges victorious, Najib Razak gets an opportunity to finally get loose from the tight hold of
the warlords in UMNO, thereby giving him an upper hand as far as governance goes.

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