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Buy Maxis doubled broadband quota

Too bad for the existing especially for those who still under contract. Maxis recently on the year of 2013, had upgraded their Maxis broadband plan with more benefits approached.

Unlike Celcom broadband last time still retain the 5GB quota limits to their old customer, this new Maxis offer doesn’t apply to existing customer. What I get from Maxis email reply is you need to terminate and get a new account.

Is it worth to do it? For me I took some time to think about it. I decided not to switch to other, since Maxis speed is always promising and very stable in my area.

Maxis broadband new plan 2013

maxis broadband quota plan

At first I felt confused seeing on the plan table, but when things get simplified, I get it.

3GB for RM42 package will be a great deal!

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