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China’s citizens protest regard diaoyu island issue over Japan

China’s citizens protest regard diaoyu island issue over Japan.

The sentimental of anti Japanese by the Chinese lately has raised rapidly due to the dispute of diaoyu island with the Japan, and that also had caused many of China’s citizens to protest in their nation.

A restaurant that belong a Japanese being crushed :

protest diaoyu island

Vehicles that imported from Japan, including the Japanese’s building were difficult to escape from destruction by the public :

China protest diaoyu island

One of the victim of her Japan made car being crashed at the street, she felt helpless..

diaoyu island issue

Other news :

On Tuesday, Japanese supermarket operator Aeon said it had closed 30 of its stores in China following the protests.

Nissan Motors suspended operations at two of its factories until 18 September and said it was monitoring the situation closely.

Panasonic has said that its plant in Qingdao would also remain shut until 18 September, while Canon has temporarily suspended operations at three sites.

Canon’s affected factories are in the south-east of the country at Zhuhai and Zhongshan in the province of Guangdong and at Suzhou, near Shanghai.

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