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Samsung DID NOT pay Apple in coins

Samsung DID NOT pay Apple in coins. You can never believe anything that’s posted on the internet without knowing the trustable source.

Few days ago there was rumour on Samsung had send their 30 truck of coins in 5 cent in total were 1 Billions to Apple.

This fake news even involved Samsung’s chairman, Lee Kun-Hee claimed that Samsung never fear to anyone who dare to play dirty like Apple. This is so hilarious, no way Samsung’s chairman would act so childish.

samsung pay apple in coins

The story was a hoax that can be traced back to a meme originally posted on 9gag. If it were true, you would have required 21 billion five cent coins to have been collected, which is more nickels than there are currently in circulation in the U.S.

Samsung DID NOT pay Apple in coins, made the story clear.

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