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Video refill McDonald more than 5 times

Trending : Video refill McDonald more than 5 times

How many times you dare to request for a drink refill in McDonald? I usually shall not try the 3rd attempt because refill twice is more than enough, unless I stay there overnight.. But even sometime it’s awkward to attempt for the 3rd times, unless you bring along the paper cup and drive away to another McDonald ><

Lately I found a funny video on Fb, regard this drink refill matter..

Video refill more than 5 times McDonald

The story is like this :

* we do not want to modify / fake the statement, let the poster himself express what’s going on :

me and a few friends went to MacDonald and we share money to buy 1 cup of large coke , we refill it so all of us can drink it, MacDonald said that their drinks can be refilled , then on the 5th or 6th time we refill , the staff there pour in smelly water and mix with the coke to let us drink, we went to complain then the staff ask us to drink it since we like to refill, we got angry get out of MacDonald and that staff was still not satisfied , he climb out of the window and seek us for a fight ,
i think this is really bad , if this happens again , who will dare to go to Macdonald?

Hmm, I think the staff just want to scare the kids away from keep refilling.

refill McDonald malaysia

Both sides are childish, why cannot have a peace conversation?

Why don’t you try to make a refill at McDonald 5 times today and see what happen :D

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