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PERODUA Sedan 2012

PERODUA Sedan 2012?! After 19 years as a manufacturer of compact cars, PERODUA probably shall obtain a permission from the government to produce cars with an engine which the capacity shall be greater than 1.5 liter soon.

If the agreement bring positive results, PERODUA will start assembling and producing cars with engine capacities ranging from 1.6 liters to 1.8 liters, to mark the beginning of the company’s ventures in the sedan car segment.

“The introduction of new models with larger engine capacity is expected to start with a prototype model, Bezza the first time made to ​​public at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2010″

PERODUA Sedan 2012 Bezza?

PERODUA 2012 Sedan

PERODUA 2012 Sedan car

Perodua Bezza Sedan 2012

PERODUA said they will still focus on the production the compact cars because that was their strength in the moto industry.

PERODUA claim they will not facing any problems to produce cars with the higher engine capacity because of the continued support from their technical partner, Daihatsu Motor Corporation Ltd (DMC).

However PERODUA would not be heading down the hybrid vehicle path because of high cost and lack of technology and R&D facilities as well.

Perhaps we can see the PERODUA Sedan in the end of the 2012 or in the coming year 2013, but for me personally I think it’s quite impossible to drive their ‘transformer alike’ prototyped car in 2012, the Bezza as the PERODUA Sedan.

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