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Al-Fatihah Yasmin Hunwick

Al-Fatihah Yasmin Hunwick. Yasmin Hunwick’s twitter has became one of the trending local news in twitter lately.

She is just an active tweeter user like others who like to tweet. But what was catchy is a picture that has been uploaded.

On the same day the picture was shared, something that really bad had happened to her.. She was involved in an accident and caused death.

Yasmin Hunwick2

Yasmin’s friend replied :

Yasmin Hunwick

Yasmin Hunwick

Yasmin Hunwick bio

Real Name: Yasmin Johan

Nickname: Yasmin J Hunwick

Date of Birth: 22/02/1995

Origin: Georgetown, Penang

Live in: Langkawi, Kedah

Height: 164 cm Weight: 43.2kg

Twitter: @ yasminhunwick

Bio: A cheerful person, like to make friends, open-minded, pianists, chess player & a cheerleader.

Al-Fatihah Yasmin Hunwick

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