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Bob Kuman meninggal dunia

Local celeb breaking news : Bob Kuman meninggal dunia!

Bob kuman had passed away at 4:38 pm in Hospital Sg Buloh. I believe you still remember Bob Kuman who was suffering in the hospital and facing financial problem to settle his medicine fees. He then received donations and help from the public as well as the entertainment industry friends.

After that there are some controversy regard his action asking for help from the public. Even somebody try to fake a statement to claim he is dead. Bob Kuman then prof he’s still alive on 21/4/2012 :

bob kuman alive

But today on 3 May 2012, we sadly to announce that Bob had left us forever :

bob kuman meniggal dunia

The staff of ambulance Hospital Sg Buloh are doing their job..

We haven’t receive the full details of the cause of his death yet. We will update soon.

Bob Kuman meninggal dunia, Al-fatihah..

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