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PTPTN to give discount to second class student

PTPTN before this offer was, for those who are first class scorer, the loan will be reverted into scholarship as an encouragement for being excellent in the universities. Means that the first class students no need to pay back the loaned education fund to PTPTN. (Condition and term apply, not everyone can get due to inconsistent scoring in university)

However some feedbacks made by some student, said it is unfair, it should be some offer to the second class student as well.

The first class student’s CGPA is 3.75-4.0 while the second class require minimum 3.5 of CGPA.


Lately we received the latest good news from PTPTN, now they are suggesting that the second class students may get discount too. They said at least 30% of discount will be given to these student second class student, who considered as good performer too in their academic.

According to PTPTN, this suggestion intended to urge more students to study further.

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