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Natasha Hudson married Carleed Khaza

Our local actor, Natasha Hudson, 30 married to Carleed Khaza, a hip hop singer and a composer, 33 on around 12 noon today in Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan.

Congratulations to Natasha Hudson and her husband Carleed, we wish them happy married and have a forever pleasing marriage.

Natasha Hudson married Carleed Khaza – 15 April 2012 :


Natasha Hudson married Carleed Khaza

This is the 3th marriage for Natasha while it’s the first for Carleed.

Natasha received five tray delivery, such as betel trellis, a copy of the Quran, one clothing, perfume and a ring.

While the men were receiving tray delivery of seven betel trellis, one clothing, prayer mats, chocolate, perfume, a copy of the Koran and a ring.

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