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Brother of the Sultan of Selangor house broke by robbers

Brother of the Sultan of Selangor house broke by robbers.

KUALA LUMPUR : Robbers broke into a bungalow belonging to a member of a royal family and got away with large amounts of cash and valuables.

In the 5am incident Friday, a group of robbers entered the house in Taman Duta.

It is learnt that the royal family had gone overseas on holiday and only the three maids were at home.

The robbers then ransacked the house and took jewellery, gold and other valuables in the house.
They then selected one of the seven luxury cars on the premise, a luxury class Mercedes, and drove off in it.

The house security guard and three maids were tied up.

Fortunately, members of the royal household were away at the time.

Brother of the Sultan of Selangor house

The police sent a investigation team, a forensic team as well as a K9 team to the scene after receiving the report.

A suspect has been arrested to assist investigations.

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