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Watch Adnan Sempit 2 Full Movie

We found it’s available on Youtube, Watch Adnan Sempit 2 Full Movie! We cannot guarantee how long it would last, so be quick either to watch it now or download it.

Synopsis: A story about the relationship Adnan and Nadia to overcome obstacles. Nadia’s father, DATUK Monday against their relationship and put the period within 30 days, unless Adnan should be able to converse in English and change his appearance.

Adnan who have difficulty in changing ask help from Bobby. Bobby who is Adnan’s best friend willing to help him. On the other part of the movie, the relationship between Bobby and Wawa also experienced problems where Wawa began to feel that Bobby did not change and did not try to retain the relationship. The same thing happened to Adnan and Nadia.

Monday Datuk Adnan tried to sabotage the effort to change by sending Fendi, cousin to seduce Nadia. 

Is Adnan and Nadia will be united? Can Bobby Wawa and defend their love? Is Adnan able to speak English ?

Adnan Sempit 2

Watch Adnan Sempit Full Movie

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