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SNSD Malaysia concert 2012 tickets

Looking for SNSD Malaysia concert 2012 tickets?

The organisers made a surprise ‘substitution’ to the F1 Rock concert to bring in SNSD to perform at KLCC has causing many SNSD fans fail to get their tickets.

Well actually you no need a ticket to watch this concert, just the placement of the audiences who own the tickets, the zone is quite perfect :

f1 rock concert malaysia 2012

Never mind still can see SNSD even from the road side uh? The ‘Free’ really matter for some who can’t afford the tickets.

SNSD Malaysia concert 2012 tickets

SNSD Malaysia concert 2012 tickets

Ticket information: Free to the public in the public access area.

Tickets for ticketed areas obtainable through: Purchase RM150 worth of merchandise at the 2012 Formula 1™ PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix
Showcase at the concourse level of Suria KLCC and be entitled to two (2) Fan Zone tickets. Spend RM300 worth of merchandise and be in the running for four (4) Fan Zones tickets.

Tickets are available for both concert days. Subject to availability.

* I don’t think the stock will last if you try to get it during the concert days, unless you are super lucky and camping at KLCC. Even the people who no plan to go there also afraid of the crowd flood near KLCC..

If you are still keen for the SNSD Malaysia concert 2012 tickets, you can try to buy directly from the individual sellers, but where are them? Facebook, forum? You need to try your luck as the date of the event is approaching !

Remember Friday night there’s no DSLR camera allowed. Are you ready ?

snsd malaysia stage 2012

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