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Salary of Google Programmers

Do you know how much Google pay their programmers a month? In this entry, salary of Google programmers statistics are from, a top job search engine.

1. Google Programmer in Phoenix – $ 174,000 a year

2. Google Programmer in California – $ 197,000 a year

3. Google Programmer in Chicago – $ 222,000 a year

4. Google Programmer in New York – $ 242,000 a year

More facts on Google employees benefits :

1. Google will pay $ 8,000 a year if you want to continue studying.

2. If you refer an employee to a staff for Google and if they lasted for 60 days, Google will pay $ 2,000 to you.

3. If you want to adopt a child, Google will provide $ 5,000 for legal matters and costs.

4. Depending on how long you work at Google, you will get a bonus of up to 25 days of entertainment in a year.

5. Google’s 1,000 employees have a share in the $ 5 million dollars.

6. every employee with Google for a year only have a value of more than $ 250,000.

Above salary amount are in USD and based on US, not sure what much the gasp of payment is compare to other Google workplace in other places.

Salary of Google Programmers sources from Indeed & New York Times.

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