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Datuk Malek Noor kahwin

Datuk Malek Noor kahwin!

KOTA BARU: Former Asia bodybuilding champion  Asia, Datuk Malek Noor, 56, married to Dr Wan Ismail Wan Asma, 52, a child specialist  in a simple ceremony in the penthouse Kelantan Trade Center (KTC).

The wedding was held on around 11 o’clock today morning in KTC. The council represent Dr Wan Asma’s father himself, Wan Ismail Wan Ahmad, 86, with just a copy of the Qur’an as the dowry.

“We both agreed there is no money need to be sent because I do not need all that,” he said.

About 30 family members from both sides of the couple.

Datuk Malek Noor & Dr Wan Ismail Wan Asma :


Congrats Datuk Malek Noor kahwin lagi!

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