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[Solved] Windows Live Writer crash

Tech tutorial : [Solved] Windows Live Writer crash

I write and post blog every time using the windows Live Writer. I found this tool is very helpful but after I added few multiple blog account, it start to crash.

Normally my Windows Live Writer won’t crash for the first launch, but if I ever close it and try to re-launch, it just won’t start. I even ever try to restart my computer to start it up..

Windows Live Writer has stopped working :

window live writer

I don’t know what is the cause but I’ve found a solution!

[Solved] Windows Live Writer crash

Step 1 : Open the Windows task Manager (with Shift + ctrl + esc or ctrl + alt + del), find the process just like demo at below :

window live writer2

End the process by press the End Process button.

Restart Windows Live Writer and it launch like a charm ~

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