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OST Vanilla Coklat

OST Vanilla Coklat – Tapi bagaimana, Spider

Vanilla Coklat Drama synopsis :

Vanilla Coklat tells the story of Zara, 19 years and Aamir, who was demanding 20 years at the Institute of High Pengajian. Zara Aamir hated each other and between each other and each of them already have boyfriends. Aamir often harass kerana Zara Zara is a brilliant student and student samples at the College when Zara Aamir kerana hate him, Aamir a female foot. Liana, Zara class movement that Gedik and consider making Ngada kononnya Aamir is his property. Liana sentiasa berkepit with Aamir for everyone to see them actually having sex. Differed with Zara, Liana a gentle woman, but all that he contrived kerana sememangnya aspire to berkahwin with children rich. Zara has a sweetheart namely Kamal, she recognized from school again. Zara parents, Dr. Ungku Moses and his wife did not like Kamal, Aamir as well as parents, Datuk Ahmad and Datin Dalila is less fond of Liana kerana disrespectful attitude of the parents. One day, Dr. Ungku Datuk Ahmad Musa and design to bring their children. Such as Vanilla and Chocolate berbezanya, that’s how difficult it was to unite Zara and Aamir. Various attempts were made by their parents so that they agree to berkahwin Datuk Ahmad was forced to pretend to be attacked by heart disease and his last request was to see Zara and Aamir together. Finally, Aamir to get along and agree. Despite berkahwin, Zara and Aamir berasingan alive.Zara has given the requirement to be complied with by Aamir. Menyedari this situation, Dr. Ungku Datuk Ahmad Musa and design a honeymoon percutian for Zara and Aamir. They were not denied, but the various reasons given for not a honeymoon outside the country and only choose the Cameron Highlands as their first destination. Still no intimacy between them. Zara and Aamir continue their study as usual, Kamal also daily incite Zara, when she was with Aamir, he will not be happy that Aamir kerana extreme temperament. One day, a large pergaduhan force between Zara with left Zara Aamir Aamir keseorangan so that the road when it rains. Zara Aamir banish him out of the house kerana deceived by the words of Kamal. When Zara opened the door, he saw Aamir telahpun pengsan. Actually Aamir kerana not eat one day he promised to eat with Zara. From that moment, Zara haunted by a sense of awkward at first showed an instinct and a wife. He is not the case at first menyedari perkahwinan kidding. Arrived off semester, Zara and Aamir went to Genting Highlands for meluang time together. Each of shame if one of cuba to be romantic and pampered. Aamir admitted he had fallen in love with Zara since the day they married. For the first time they slept like a couple others. Zara and Aamir can not wait to return to Kuala Lumpur to tell their families they wanted to continue perkahwinan bahawa this.A majlis organized by the mother and the father of Zara Aamir to meraikan this tidbit. Kamal and Liana also picked up to attend to the majlis. They both have designed something to separate the Zara and Aamir. On the last scheduled day of the majlis, quietly evil and Liana Kamal Aamir to wear victorious. Dr. Ungku Musa rampage. He thinks Aamir making a scene with Liana and keep hitting Aamir. Datuk Dr Ahmad cuba calm. Moses rather than continue membelasah Ungku kerana son says, we do not know the true case that happened between Liana and Aamir. Dr. Ungku Moses pulled Zara’s hand and break the link between Aamir and Zara. Since the incident, Dr relationship. Ungku Datuk Ahmad Musa and tenuous. For Zara, she believed she recognized her husband’s temperament kerana Liana. How Zara and Aamir wanted to restore their family relationships? Does the draft so Dr. Ungku Datuk Ahmad Musa and after each hostile? What Kamal strategy will win the hearts and Liana for their beloved family?

OST Vanilla Coklat

Lyric attached with the video, enjoy!

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