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LEAKED Proton P3-21A details

We found this leak on the web. Straight to the point, LEAKED Proton P3-21A details :

Proton P3-21A  come with auto fold / Unfold side mirror – Side mirror will automatically fold every time the car alarm is activated, and automatically unfold after the vehicle traveling at 5km. There was also a button for manual like the ones at Exora BOLD.

- Auto Off Rear Demister – Avoid tint bubble
- Follow Home Lamp
- Headlamp Warning Buzzer
- Remote Trunk Release
- Front & Rear Socket 12V – There is at the front – and rear socket
- Utility Hook – There in the front passenger space as Exora, and also in the back in the area ‘pillar B’
- Low Rear Hump – rear passenger leg space is no longer cramped
- Front & Rear Fog Lamp
- Anti-Trap Power Window – Driver side only
- Seat Material – Water repellent fabric. Seat can fold 60:40. Material is very soft and comfortable
- Smart Information Display (SID) – Having three readings kilometers, Trip A, Trip B and C. Trips A wealth of information such as warning if the battery in the key and other weak
- Autolock & Advance Lock System
- Magnesium Inside Door Handle
- Keyless Entry – There is no key hole on all four door handles
- BOSCH Head-Unit – 2-Din, Touch Screen Monitor, Navigator, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, MP3
- YES WiFi Modem – In-car Internet, the first ever car in Malaysia, the coverage of Peninsular Malaysia
- S-Mode (Sport) – There is the gear column (PRNDS), S-Mode will add a total of 1,000 RPM immediately to drive more aggressively
- BCM – Body Control Module

- 4 Wheel ABS & EBD with 4 Wheel Disc Brake
- TC (traction Control)
- ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
- BA (Braking Assist)
- 4 Airbags – Airbag front passenger can be in turn ON / OFF mode.
- 5 STARS Australia NCAP – We no longer have any doubt about the authenticity of the full marks collision test P3-21A.

- Length = 4.543m
- Width = 1.786m
- Height = 1.524m
Outside the overall size car show P3-21A is greater than the City, Vios, Forte, Altis & Civic.

- Boot Space: 508 liters – Largest among the City,  Vios, Forte, Altis & Civic
- Turning Radius: 5.3 meters
- Full Tank Capacity: 50 liters
- Aerodynamic (wind resistance): CD Factor = 0.30 – For comparison, the Audi TT has CDFactor = 0.29.

- 1.6L CFE with 7-speed Pro-TRONIC CVT3 (VVT) – 205Nm @ 2,000 rpm; 140PS
- 0-100km / h: 9.6 seconds – for comparison, Kia Forte 1.6: 12.5 seconds

- Executive MT, 1.6 IAFM + 5-Speed ​​MT
- Executive CVT, 1.6 IAFM + 6-Speed ​​CVT
- Premuim CVT, 1.6 CFE 7-Speed ​​CVT

- Solid White
- Tranquillity Black
- Genetic Silver
- Fire Red
- Blue Lagoon

Proton P3-21A not only have the satisfied accessories and also aim for the best in safety features with a more attractive appearance. We hope the price will not exceed RM75k for this car.

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