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JPA Scholarship interview Tips

My personal share : JPA Scholarship interview Tips

I want to share the JPA Scholarship interview tips base on my experiences. I spitted to several points which I think you must pay more attention on these.



Before applying for JPA, make sure you pass the required conditions of the sponsor. Malay and English subjects MUST be A +, A or A-. For certain courses, JPA may want at least A-for Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Add Math. Make sure the course you’re compatible with SPM results. If you can get B for Biology, do not seek medical courses. It is not able to.

Place of interview

If your application is successful, you will be interviewed in the place that you’ve chose, that’s when you fill the application form of JPA. Choose a place that’s near and you familiar with can help you get used to the environment.


During the Interview

You will be placed in a group of 7-8 people per group with two of the interviewer. Each group will be given a topic for discussion for 30 minutes, 15 minutes in Malay and 15 minutes in English.

Discussion topics often are current issues in Malaysia. I was lucky to get the title ‘TV reality show influence among students. Title I is the only topic that I Prepare time in the house before the interview.My advice, make early preparations at home and think about topics that are likely to be selected by the interviewer.

But do not be bound so with current issues, sometimes the title ‘Cathy’ je kinds of stories about Mawi, “between love and money, which we need to first select ‘,’ students are spoiled nowadays. There is also a heavy topics discussed, such as ‘first class facilities but third class mentality’.

During the discussion, cast your ideas and do not be afraid if your grammar is incorrect. Interviewers want to see our ideas and the extent of our courage and confidence, grammar that maybe the last thing evaluated.

During the interview, if possible, do not interrupt when others give you an idea. But do not wait too long to throw the idea because you know, 30 minutes can gone just like that.

After finishing the discussion, you are required to sit for a written test base on the interests and careers.


Men – make sure you wear long-sleeved shirt, tie, long pants (preferably black or dark blue), socks and black shoes. Do not shame the good name of your school by wearing sneakers or jeans haha.

Women – For the Muslim preferably dressed in parentheses. And wears a formal shoes. For the non-Muslim, choose appropriate clothing, don’t wear mini-skirt.


You can also provide a resume (curriculum vitae) to give to your interviewer. Perhaps the presence of the resume, your chance to get JPA scholarship will become brighter. Submit your resume to the interviewer with copies of certificates and forms requested by the JPA.

All the best for your interview, hope this JPA Scholarship interview Tips help you.

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